Tuesday - June 10th, 2014
Concurrent Sessions F

Managing the Reputation Of An American Giant: How Research Can Be A Catalyst For Organizational Change

Historically held “close to the heart” by PR firms, corporate reputation is a hot topic largely untouched by market research.   One would think that the answer to such a complex question should fall in our domain – that of evidence-based judgement.  After all, our industry maintains this as its core area of excellence.  We have certainly begun to focus on “Big Data” so why not “Big Questions”?  After all, “Big Questions” lead to “Big Answers” that go beyond the organizational routine to transform business practices at the highest levels.

Reputation is valued because it establishes how far people believe that a company will maintain its focus, values and performance through evolving economic conditions, and is a vote of confidence in a company’s culture, people and products.  A large Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer was faced with some very big challenges and sought to leverage their corporate identity into positive reputation to benefit their product portfolio.  This case study demonstrates how the research impacted this multi-billion dollar business.  Innovative measurement and analytics, supported by external data integration resulted in the enculturation of key insights, the development of investor strategies and the communication of the right brand-product media messages in support of an ongoing turnaround effort to longer term recovery.


Peter Zoutis


Managing Director, Northstar Research Partners Inc.

With 15 years of extensive experience in both tactical and strategic research covering brand strategy, market opportunity, marketing effectiveness and customer loyalty, Pete has worked across multiple continents stationed in both Toronto Canada and London England.  Prior to re-joining Northstar, he was MD of Saatchi & Saatchi’s research division as well as Divisional Director of GfK NOP’s automotive practice.  Pete is an expert in quantitative research – as a survey/experimental design methodologist and advanced statistical analyst, while his training in psychology and anthropology also provided a foundation for becoming an experienced moderator and qualitative analyst.  He holds Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees, both from the University of Toronto.