Tuesday - June 10th, 2014
Concurrent Sessions E

Using Online Video Surveys for Qualitative Research

Discover how emerging online video surveys can provide a cost-effective approach to qualitative research. OneStory.com co-founder, Katrina German, will share case studies to demonstrate the power of private interview questions and video responses.

Video surveys can eliminate peer bias and allow a new level of environmental and experiential market research. Learn how this method is being used to inform public policy, reach First Nations communities and conduct University research.

Katrina will demonstrate the practical uses for key insights, analytics and sentiment analysis that can be drawn from video interviews. She will also share the advantages that can be gained from eliminating geographical barriers using mobile technology for video surveys.

Learn how to embrace new technology to add depth to qualitative research and enhance traditional methods.

Katrina German


Co-founder of OneStory.com

Katrina German is the co-founder of OneStory.com and is passionate about technology, communications and marketing. She uses humour, statistics and case studies to inspire fresh ideas and regularly speaks to audiences in Canada and the United States.