Tuesday - June 10th, 2014
Concurrent Sessions E

The World is about to get Edge: Understanding the new post-millennial generation

For the past decade, youth researchers and marketers have incessantly talked about and sought to understand the Millennial Generation. But are Millennials really a ‘youth generation’ anymore? With the oldest Millennials now well into their 30s, this generation has also become consumers of anti-aging creams, diapers and mortgages. So who is coming in their wake and why should we care? The Sound Research needed to understand who and what the future holds, and how it might turn everything we know today on its head. And now that we do, they’ve got a name for them - Generation Edge. Generation Edge is an engaging visual presentation including a five minute documentary film that infuses insightful contextual understanding with the voices of today’s real youth generation


Caroline Fletcher


Vice President and Head of The Sound Research

Caroline Fletcher is a Vice President and Head of The Sound Research Toronto. With over 10 years of experience, Caroline has conducted research internationally across multiple categories for some of the world’s biggest brands. Before being joining The Sound in 2011, Caroline was responsible for all consumer facing research at Rogers Communications and MuchMusic & MTV