Tuesday - June 10th, 2014
Concurrent Sessions E

Seismic changes are finally coming to MR from the likes of Dacoda and Google. The real question is . . . what are you going to do about it?

Greg has the luxury of working at the highest levels at arguably one of the most sophisticated and forward thinking Insights organizations in the world. This is not just another change talk by an industry pundit. This is client driven, hard hitting situation assessment of the New MR and what Canadians need to do about it.

Greg will provide insight into:

Greg Rogers


Global Director of Consumer Market Knowledge, Proctor and Gamble

Greg Rogers is the Associate Director responsible for Advanced Analytics Innovation at Procter & Gamble.  He leads a global team at P&G seeking to develop new market research methods and models to understand consumer and market behaviours.  Greg started at P&G over 20 years ago and has held positions in Canada, the US, and the UK.  He has spent much of his time at P&G developing approaches for new product forecasting, pricing research, and more recently, unstructured data modelling and mobile research methods.  Greg received his PhD in Management Science from Lancaster University (UK) and, prior to that, completed his undergraduate degree in Chemistry at Queen’s University.  Through his role at P&G he maintains professional connections to many academic institutions including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Toronto, Yale University, and the University of South Australia.  In 2009 Greg became a “North Star Fellow”—this is a P&G distinction reserved for the most distinguished and accomplished market research innovators around the globe.  Greg resides in the Greater Toronto area with his wife and their two teenage children.


Shane Skillen


President, Hotspex

After graduating with an HBA in 2000, Shane founded Hotspex with the vision of using the Internet to involve consumers globally in designing and developing new products and services for leading, global brands. He always dreamt of being an investment banker but after a summer working at a top firm on the Street he decided being an entrepreneur was more his calling. After 12 years, 15 million survey completes and projects in over 19 countries, Hotspex is one of the most innovative marketing research and innovation companies in the world, specializing in helping clients make the right strategic decisions that will grow their business. Hotspex focuses on emotional measurement to deeply understand why people do the things they do. Shane and his team of 80 staff have worked on projects for over 100 global brands including RIM, P&G, Kraft, Toyota, Visa and Nestle.

Shane is passionate about understanding why people do the things they do. What really makes us tick? What is the human condition? Why do people REALLY choose Coke over Pepsi? He has studied this from many angles including biology, psychology, religion, neuroscience, behavioral economics and simply observing his three young boys and their interactions with each other and the world around them.