Sunday - June 8th, 2014

Mobile Qualitative Research Workshop – Hosted by itracks

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the primary devices for communication and the market research industry is being forced to adapt. With change comes the opportunity for research in the field and in the moment. In this workshop, marketing research software supplier, itracks, will share with you their expertise on how to identify and choose mobile research solutions that offer the best fit for a given research project and the best practices for implementation.

What You Will Learn 

The mobile research workshop will cover mobile research design, provide examples of studies that have successfully used a mobile research approach, and let you participate in a sample project. Specifically, you will

Who Should Attend

Everyone! Mobile research is the future of research. Whether you are a buyer or supplier of research, everyone should be aware of and knowledgeable about mobile research. 

Dan Weber

CEO, itracks

Dan has grown Itracks into a specialty online qualitative software and market research services firm. Dan attended the University of Saskatchewan, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science. He then acquired practical knowledge of traditional market research while working for a management-consulting firm. It was while working at this firm that he conceptualized the idea of taking traditional research methodologies online. Dan founded itracks in 1996 as a pioneer in online surveys and online qualitative software. Dan has since built itracks into it to the leading qualitative software provider that it is today. Dan has been instrumental in facilitating key clients to use and co-create itracks qualitative platform including 27 of the top 50 Market Research companies in North America. Dan’s passion is bringing value to clients through innovation.

Candace Northey


Software as a Service Team Lead, itracks

After graduating from the University of Saskatchewan with a B.A. in Anthropology, Candace joined Itracks in early 2003. Candace has worked in quantitative research, quality control and software service roles. In 2012 she took a leadership role managing the Software as a Service team at itracks.

Candace works qualitative clients to coordinate and execute qualitative research projects. Training new clients on Itracks’ qualitative platforms is also an integral part of Candace’s day as she looks to share her extensive experience conducting online/mobile qualitative research and best practice options at all stages of an in-field project.

Robert Burron


Corporate Account Executive, itracks

Robert joined itracks two years ago after working several years in a business management and customer service roles within the building supplies industry.

Robert attended the University of Saskatchewan where he obtained a Bachelor of Commerce Degree. Robert has a great talent for creative use of technology to solve business and market research challenges. Roberts’ clients have expressed appreciation for his extensive knowledge of the technology and how it can be leveraged to improve the effectiveness, speed and value of market research.


Schedule of Topics

Below are the scheduled topics for the workshop. If you like, feel free to send any questions in advance to We can ensure they are answered or covered in the workshop.

  1. Introduction
  2. Best Practices for Mobile Qualitative
  3. Project Design and Use of Technology
    • Workshop attendees will work through study design and recruitment planning for a mobile research project
    • Workshop attendees will participate in the research project using a mobile app · Workshop attendees will participate as researchers in a live mobile research project and implement strategies discussed during the best practices discussion.
  4. Reporting
    • Attendees will identify video highlights that will be identified as video tags and incorporated into a project highlight reel.
  5. Group Discussion
    • Mobile research advantages
    • Mobile research challenges
    • How does mobile participation change research?
    • Questions and answers
  6. Case Study Examples