Monday - June 9th, 2014
Concurrent Sessions C

Media Measurement Advances in an Ever Increasingly Fragmented World

The evolution of technology presents consumers with new and engaging ways to connect with brands. Social media allows consumers to engage with brands through an increasingly diverse set of media touchpoints. This has significantly complicated the job of marketers, who must manage the media and the message of their brands against consumers who want to experience their brand differently, through various media, and throughout their journey with that brand. How does a brand maintain a consistent and coherent message across all touchpoints while also meeting differing consumer needs across all media? We have partnered with multiple industry clients and academic teams to advance media measurement including piloting a single-source methodology that leverages new technology to directly track ad exposure across online, mobile, tablet and TV called ‘four screen tracking’. Under this single-source approach, data can be joined with other data from these same respondents such as device behaviour, GPS locations, and shopper purchase platforms to provide a more holistic view.

Mark Wood


Vice President, TNS Canada

Mark Wood, a Vice President at TNS, is a 20+ year veteran on the supplier side of the industry. He has considerable experience across a variety of categories and industries in quantitative research. Currently Mark specializes in managing a number of TNS’s large scale, complex studies including a focus in the media sector as lead of a measurement study that provides data currency to the print industry. Mark is also a member of MRIA’s Board of Directors and is the Vice-Chair of MRIA’s Research Agency Council.