Monday - June 9th, 2014
Concurrent Sessions B

Big Data, Taming the Beast.... and Getting The Monkey Off Your Back

The term Big Data has been receiving quite a lot of attention, especially from C-suite executives.  In many organizations, top executives are asking their analytical and research teams how they can leverage Big Data to drive the business.  In order to meet expectations, we need to arm ourselves with strategies to address these requests and showcase the power of Big Data.  It is also important to set boundaries around the definition and expectations of Big Data.  This talk aims at helping all researchers address C-suite requests and apply strategies to extract the most out of Big Data.

Kristian Gravelle


Director, Insights & Analytics, AstraZeneca Canada

As is the case with so many researchers, Kristian’s career evolved into Market research over the last 15 years.  His initial area of interest was Chemistry.  Kristian holds a Master’s degree in the field of Organic Chemistry as well as an MBA, both from the University of Ottawa.  However, as a result of his undying curiosity to understand why things are the way they are, especially as it pertains to consumers, he launched into a career in Marketing at Rothmans Benson & Hedges, then, moved into Brand and Corporate Strategy gaining valuable market research experience.  Kristian also spent 2 years at Cadbury Adams in Corporate Analytics before joining the Consumer Insights and Strategy department at Kraft Canada in 2009.  Kristian was promoted to Director of Consumer Insights and Strategy in 2012 at Kraft.  

Over this period of time, Kristian has become a thought leader in Market Research at Kraft and has used his investigative skills and strategic thinking to reshape how Kraft approaches the Hot Beverages category.  He has been the recipient of three Advertising Research Foundation - David Ogilvy awards for his work on Tassimo, Maxwell House Coffee, and MIO brands and was the recipient of four MRIA Excellence in Research, from 2011 to 2013.

Kristian is an active member of the CSRC and MIC divisions within the MRIA.    Kristian is also a regular contributor to the VUE magazine through the CSRC column and through feature articles.  He has participated at several MRIA and other market research conferences as presenter and panelist.  He was recently elected to the MRIA Board of Directors for the Ontario Region. His current area of focus at the CSRC is to elevate client-supplier relationships.

Kristian joined Astra Zeneca in 2014 as Director, where he leads the Insights and Analytics group.