Monday - June 9th, 2014
Concurrent Sessions B

"ICE"ing On the Cake -De-Constructing and Disrupting the Customer Experience Journey

Your brand is no longer in the driver's seat! In today's competitive landscape, if you're not paying attention to "your" customer experience, you're not even in the game. Yet, most organizations limit themselves to their corporately designed experience, neglecting what consumers truly desire. Humans are complex individuals, influenced by their constantly evolving world. The things we've done, the places we've been and the people we know, all shape our decision making processes. The truth is that yesterday's methods can no longer solve today's issues, with organizations quickly realizing their carefully crafted experiences must expand to bridge the gap between the customer's predictive and normative expectations. How can an organization disrupt the status quo, evolving their customer experiences to exceed expectations and improve performance?

For the RBC Telephone Banking Centre, the Ipsos Ideal Customer Experience mapping tool (ICE), was just what the doctor ordered. Based on behavioural economics, the ICE mapping process dug deep beneath the surface, to understand how customer experiences and emotions influenced customer loyalty and played an integral role in re-defining the customer experience.

See how customer journey mapping transformed RBC strategically and operationally with both tangible and intangible changes to;

Learn how RBC and Ipsos combined to dig deep and explore beneath the surface-level 'ICE'ing; to identify the Ideal Customer Experience. Based on behavioural economics, ICE is a customer experience journey mapping tool that isolates the gaps between predictive and normative customer experiences. This session will interact with the audience to illustrate how RBC transformed their business internally by deconstructing and disrupting existing corporate processes. See how 'ICE' allowed RBC to close the gap between their customers' predictive and ideal experiences, while empowering employees with a real time, live agent feedback mechanism, designed to improve customer experience measures.

Lesley Haibach


Vice President, Loyalty Ipsos Reid, Toronto

Lesley Haibach has been a Vice President in the Loyalty group with Ipsos Reid since 2011. With over 13 years market research experience, Lesley has assisted some of North America's largest multi-unit retailers develop and implement ongoing customer experience tracking programs and employee engagement programs designed to catapult satisfaction and loyalty levels, improve sales and ultimately corporate profitability.

Starting her market research career during one of Canada's biggest corporate mergers, Lesley managed the employee engagement study as the organizations became one, learning first-hand the impact that the employee experience has on the customer journey. Over the years, Lesley has drawn from her expertise as both a market research professional and a certified teaching professional in developing a specialization in the realms of customer and employee research, focusing on program effectiveness and how to translate the customer journey into actionable strategies that will engage both employees and customers in driving loyalty.

In 2006, Lesley attained her CMRP (Canadian Market Research Professional) designation through the MRIA and has maximized her learning working with a variety of North American and global clients, primarily focused in the areas of retail, financial services and government organizations.

Anne Kossatz


Manager, Strategic Marketing Research Client Knowledge and Insights Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto

Anne Kossatz is a Manager, Strategic Market Research at RBC Royal Bank since 2011. Anne spent the first half of her career in sales, marketing and strategy with a cross section of corporations in the healthcare, medical, consumer packaged goods and financial services. Anne then transitioned her skills into a consulting career with Price Waterhouse Coopers working with many multi-nationals, government and not for profit organizations. Anne attained her CMC (Canadian Management Consultant) designation during this period and has maintained her status as a CMC. Anne's more recent career has been on both the supplier and client side in market research, utilizing her knowledge gained in business to provide research plans and programs to meet client needs. Anne is an active member of the professional body for research, MRIA. One of Anne's strengths is in financial services having worked at the TSX and CIBC prior to joining RBC. Her knowledge of consumer, professional and business clients makes her an asset to the organizations she was worked with.