Monday - June 9th, 2014
Concurrent Sessions B

Canada, when do you celebrate Christmas?

The Canadian identity is based on our history, neighbours and the evolving demographics.  While this identity is not thought to be clearly defined, there is evidence of the emergence of a new Canadian spirit, to be more assertive about what it means to be Canadian. As a unique country with a distinct economy, demographics and culture, whether it is advertising, consumer behavior or product performance, Canada has specific differences relative to other countries evidenced by research results.

Research in Canada offers the opportunity to understand new cultures within our country and foreign cultures in a local setting.  Canadians expect and relate to very different advertising than Americans and other countries.  Top performing American and international products fail their launch in Canada and brand teams are left wondering why?  How do you convince the global team that research in Canada matters?  This presentation will provide insight into the Canadian identity and multiple examples of differences between Canada, the US and beyond thereby proving why advertising must be tested here, consumer behavior must be discovered here and products must be tested prior to launch here.

Donya Germain


Director of Consumer Research & Business Development
ACCE International

With over 15 years at ACCE, Donya Germain is responsible for the entire client relationship from understanding client's business needs to delivery of actionable recommendations. Her strengths lie in building and strengthening client relationships, designing custom research and telling a story from the results.  Donya is an active member of several committees including the MRIA RAC (Research Agency Council) and frequently asked to educate non-Canadian clients on importance of conducting consumer research in Canada.

Doug Poad


Vice President - Director of Strategic Planning - JWT Toronto

Doug Poad has a 15+ year history with JWT Toronto as Vice President – Director of Strategic Planning and was the strategic lead on the Tim Hortons communication work throughout the formative years of the Tim Hortons brand in Canada. Throughout his tenure at JWT some of Doug’s notable accomplishments have been the discovery and the development of the “20 minutes fresh” coffee proposition, the creation of the long running Tim Hortons True Stories campaign and documenting the milestone Tim Hortons store opening in Kandahar, Afghanistan.  As an architect of the iconic Tim Hortons brand, Doug is in a unique position to share insights on Canadians and our special place in the world.