Monday - June 9th, 2014
Concurrent Sessions B

Epic Win! Successful Gamification in Marketing Research

In this session, learn how gamification can be successfully applied to your research projects by following us through two case studies that detail projects conducted by Insightrix and the University of Saskatchewan. We will take you through our full design process from concept to development and testing, highlighting key considerations for marketing researchers when trying to add gameful design elements to their research programs.

Our research showed that specific gameful design elements could encourage a respondent to provide more data than a traditional survey; it also demonstrated that gamifying a survey does not necessarily increase motivation. In some cases, the data collected by both gamefied and non-gamified methods conflicted but in others, the results matched. We will explore both when and why gamification may fail and provide tips on how to make your efforts in using gamification successful.

Finally, we will consider how games’ ability to create an immersive experience may provide a way to collect naturalistic information about consumers’ decision-making, avoiding the obviousness of question-answer survey research. We will review strategies to design a research game that can give us insights that would be impossible to get in any other way: effectively, we will demonstrate how to create a game that provides innovative data your clients can use.

Briana Brownell


Manager, Analytics, Insightrix Research Inc.

Innovative by nature, Briana is always looking for new ways to enrich the insights that her clients receive from their research projects and loves to share her passion for research with others. At Insightrix, she oversees the statistical modeling and advanced analytics. She believes that multivariate statistical analysis should be relevant and easily applicable for businesses and works to make it more accessible. She is a frequent speaker and has been invited to present to organizations, in classrooms, and at conferences in various parts of the world. Several original techniques and methodologies she has designed have been published academically and utilized by other research groups. Briana received her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Saskatchewan and her Master of Arts in Economics from Carleton University.

Carl Gutwin


Professor of Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan

Carl Gutwin is Professor of Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan and the co-director of the U of S Human-Computer Interaction lab. He has published more than 150 papers in HCI, and in 2012 was inducted into the ACM CHI Academy for his contributions to the HCI research community. His research covers a variety of topics including interface design and organization, information visualization, modeling of human performance, and groupware usability.