Monday - June 9th, 2014
Concurrent Sessions B

Relationship Counseling: Improving the MR industry reputation through better relationships with our media friends

At their best, research and media partnerships are win-win. Researchers gain profile and credibility, while the media get good content and write interesting stories.  At their worst, they devolve into finger pointing and embarrassment all around.

In this session the characteristics of successful and less successful research-media relationships will be considered. Suggestions for both researchers and journalists will be provided, so that future interactions are successful and embarrassments avoided. For researchers, the suggestions will cover managing the relationship, interview tips, and managing the situation if things go south.  For journalist, suggestions relate to what to look for when assessing the quality of a poll and what to ask researchers when in doubt. Promoting the industry is a shared responsibility as we all benefit when its good and we all have to deal with the challenges from public setbacks.

Tony Coulson


Group Vice President, Corporate and Public Affairs at Environics

Tony Coulson is Group Vice President, Corporate and Public Affairs at Environics.  He is a 20 year veteran of the research business who has had a range of interactions with media over the years. Tony is a public affairs research specialist who has worked with clients across Canada and beyond. His work includes issue and communications studies ranging from assessing public knowledge, attitudes and (reported) behaviors on a given topic through to audience segmentation, message development, and communications testing.  Much of this work is undertaken in support of efforts to raise public awareness or manage organizational reputations. Tony has graduate degrees in political science and business administration.