Monday - June 9th, 2014
Concurrent Sessions A

How does Mobile Qualitative Engagement Compare to Online? – Research findings and an example case study

In this session, learn how mobile research techniques can be leveraged to improve user engagement and research insights.

Mobile advancements and mass market adoption has generated a fast evolution of new capabilities in Online Qualitative Market Research. With these rapid advancements, there are many questions on how it impacts current online research. Similar to the adoption of online methodologies over a decade ago, we are now seeing a need for verification to validate the methodology holistically. itracks took a Research on Research approach leading to a formal study comparing online (computer) and mobile participation in discussion boards.  A summary of the findings will be presented comparing online and mobile device participation statistics on moderator, client observer and respondent posts; video posts; and usage trends. A case study illustrating how mobile research techniques were used to improve user engagement and research insights will be presented.


Gilles Gauthier


VP of Product Development, itracks

Gilles has championed the expansion of software research and user centric design since taking leadership of itracks’ product development in 2010. He designed the first mobile qualitative app to accommodate 3 user types (participants, moderators and client observers).  Gilles is a dynamic leader and accomplished web/mobile user experience architect.  He has directed innovative product development model transformations toward user-centric standards and practices for a number of products over the past 12 years.  Gilles’ obtained a Computer Science degree and later received a professional designation as a Certified Usability Analyst with Human Factors International.