MRIA 2014 Event App

Brought to you by Research Now

MRIA 2014 has gone mobile! In partnership with Research Now, MRIA is offering delegates an event app that offers a personalized and engaging experience of the conference.

This app allows you to:

The app works on any device including a laptop, tablet or smartphone (Android, Apple, and Blackberry).  After you access the app, you can browse it both offline and online. The content will automatically update each time you open the app on a live internet connection.

How to download and use the app:

#1. Go to http://eventmobi.com/MRIA2014 on your mobile browser or use this QR Code to instantly access the event app!

Your Internet browser automatically loads the event app and makes it available for offline use.

For easier access in the future, simply bookmark it or add the app to your phone's home screen.
See instructions below.


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#2. Create your schedule.

For the first time ever, the MRIA annual conference will have multiple TED-style sessions occurring at the same time. 

The app is perfect for this format in that it allows you to create your own schedule.

Simply save the sessions you want to attend and add them to your calendar.   








#3. Engage with others. The action packed sessions are not just intended to listen to thought leaders but also directly engage and interact with them and other attendees at the conference.

Do your homework on the sessions you want to attend and go ahead and engage with the brilliant minds at the conference.




If you have any questions please email mobileapp@insightrix.com.

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